The 8th International Prestige Brands Awards Ceremony ended successfully with BGL being awarded with a Prestige Brand award.

President of the BGL International Group, Datuk Chen Yujun, together with the BGL team, was recently invited to attend the 8th International Prestige Brands Awards Ceremony. They won the award for the 2019 Best International Real Estate Project Sales and Marketing.

On the evening of April 20, 2019, the International Prestige Brand Awards Ceremony, known as an equivalent of Nobel Prizes in the global economic community, was held at the Wisma Huazong in Malaysia. Datuk Chen Yujun, President of the BGL International Group, and his team, was invited to attend the banquet and won the 2019 Best European Real Estate Project Sales and Marketing Brand Award.

With the ongoing trend towards globalization, brands have become the most valuable links in the enterprise value chain. The “International Prestige Brand Award” was established to reflect the value of international brands. It aims to become the best platform to interpret the value of international brands, exchange international brand concepts, shape international images of brands, and become a bridge between brands and the world.

The International Prestige Brand Awards Ceremony is an annual banquet for international brand thinkers and an influential and professional international brand selection event. Adhering to the tenet of “reflecting the true value of brands”, it has been held successfully for eight sessions, each time bringing together many of the worlds most famous brands, business leaders, experts and other important guests.

The 8th International Prestige Brands Awards Ceremony has gathered tens of thousands of nominations from small and medium scale enterprises from all over the world. After months of research, evaluation, and analysis of each brand’s influence, the brand with the most potential and influence has been selected.

The BGL International Group (BGL), a relative newcomer to the real estate investment industry, has been selected from the ranks of many other organizations, and has been awarded the 2019 Best European Real Estate Project Sales and Marketing Brand Award. It stands with other international brands in accepting this honor.

BGL stands out from many other enterprises because of its excellent real estate investment management experience, outstanding business performance, user recognition and support. This honor is yet more recognition of BGL’s outstanding business achievements and overseas real estate investment management.

BGL was established in Malaysia and has expanded to Europe, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea and many other countries and regions. In the last two years, BGL International Group has been committed to providing diversified, professional and forward-looking real estate projects and property management services to international real estate investors and companies. BGL improves the quality of its real estate investment management with the use of diversified global distribution, strives to provide quality projects for global customers and strong support for real estate development.

In the future, the BGL International Group will continue to uphold a customer-oriented service concept. With its company culture of “winning the world with integrity”, BGL will build a trustworthy one-stop real estate investment and management platform for customers, never stop creating more market value, and share a brilliant career and life with others.